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NO Thanks! Digital Retro book cover
Retro Heaven

The closure of Personal Computer World magazine without any warning. Incisive Media may have had to shut it down, but Britain’s first and longest running PC magazine deserved a final tribute issue after 31 years in the business.

From Sinclair to Commodore, Apple to Atari, discover the the stories behind 44 classic home computers of the 80s. Digital Retro, Gordon's coffee table book - out now!

YES Please! Top 10 Tips: Tokyo
Konichiwa! Inside information on the city's best places to eat, drink and shop! Plus the best attractions and overnight breaks!
Benchmark's DAC1 PRE. It's a DAC, it's a pre-amp, it's an external USB sound card. Bottom line? It'll make your PC sound better than it ever has, and transforms it into a high-end audiophile source. Given the right files of course...
Coast to coast Coast to coast
My guide to tackling Wainwright's classic 192 mile route, spanning Northern England from coast to coast!
San Francisco tips Top 10 Tips: San Francisco
Inside information on the city's best bars, restaurants, shops, tourist attractions and weekend getaways!
Japan photo gallery Japan
A collection of photos and travel tips from several trips to Japan. Includes Geisha, Snow Monkeys and plenty of Sushi!
Iceland travel tips Iceland
One amazing week in the land of fire and ice. Discover why Iceland should be top on your list of holiday destinations!
Solar Eclipse 1999 Total Solar Eclipse, August 1999
11th August 1999: the day the sun went out - for a few minutes anyway. Forget partial glimpses - this is the real deal!
USA  photo gallery USA
A collection of photos from several trips in the USA, including mountain vistas, soaring structures and many canyons!
Costa Rica  photo gallery Costa Rica
One of my favourite holidays. Two weeks in this excellent Central American country. Jungle, beaches and volcanoes!